Keynote: Ballerina Plans and Futures

How it all started

Hello Ballerina - Preview Launch at WSO2Con US 2017


WSO2Con Europe 2017

November 6-8


We explored Ballerina in detail at WSO2Con EU 2017.

Microservice Architecture (MSA) and Integration Microservices Kasun Indrasiri Director – Integration Architecture,WSO2
Introduction to Ballerina Afkham Azeez Senior Director – Platform Architecture, WSO2
An Overview of Ballerina Composer Joseph Fonseka Architect/Associate Director, WSO2
Manipulating XML, JSON and SQL Data Types with Ballerina Mohamad Shafreen Associate Technical Lead, WSO2
Exploring Data Integration Anjana Fernando Associate Director/Architect, WSO2
File Processing and Websockets with Ballerina Chanaka Fernando Senior Lead – Solutions Engineer
Resilience Patterns with Ballerina Isuru Udana Senior Technical Lead, WSO2
Ballerina Connectors for Seamless Integration Maheeka Jayasuriya Associate Technical Lead, WSO2
Exploring Ballerina Toolset - Docker, Testing, Tracing, Analytics, and more Chanaka Fernando Senior Lead – Solutions Engineer
How to Learn and Contribute to Ballerina Senaka Fernando Director - Solutions Architecture, WSO2
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